Treat guns like cars

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AGSA have a political agenda?

No, AGSA is a nonpartisan nonprofit membership association. AGSA members are people from all kinds of political persuasions who believe our nation can protect both gun rights and public safety needs, like we do with motor vehicles.

Is AGSA trying to take away people's guns?

No, we are not trying to take away guns from responsible law abiding owners, just like motor vehicle licensing, registration and insurance laws are not trying to take away cars or trucks from responsible law abiding owners. In fact, the Model Code will help gun owners demonstrate their qualifications and responsibility for whichever classes of firearms they own, and gain more respect from the public.

Will we have to go to the DMV for our guns?

No, the Model Code will provide various innovative options for states to manage the registration of firearms and the qualification and licensing of gun owners. The working groups, conferences and public hearings AGSA convenes to develop the Model Code will include consideration of how to handle these and the many other requirements for administration and enforcement of the law and serving the public.

Aren't cars and trucks dangerous too?

Of course, all motor vehicles are very powerful machines, just like all firearms are powerful weapons. Yes, we can do much better with motor vehicle safety, and continue to improve. Yet with hundreds of millions of cars and trucks on the road day and night throughout the country, our interconnected state laws help create much safer road systems and an important culture of responsibility for motor vehicle ownership and operation. Similar systems for gun ownership and use will help this way too.

Is AGSA membership only for gun owners?

No, AGSA members include people who own firearms and people who do not. What we have in common is our commitment to mutual respect for gun owner rights and public safety needs, and our belief that a responsible system for managing ownership and operation of firearms can serve both of these groups.

Does AGSA accept financial donations?

AGSA is organizing as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, which allows us to do lobbying and political activity.

You can donate to our AGSA Action Fund, but these will not be deductible for your income taxes.

AGSA also plans to form a related 501(c)(3) nonprofit education fund, to accept tax-deductible donations.

Please contact us if you want to make a donation to our AGSA Education Fund now or in the near future.