Gun Store Kicks Out #Noblesville Mayor


#Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear, a Republican who supports 2nd Amendment rights, was asked to leave the grand opening of a new gun store in his town less than 24 hours after the recent school shooting.

This is because he privately told the owners he thought it was unhelpful for them to have a booth for the tone-deaf NRA where they were trying to sign up new members in the shadow of this tragedy.

Ditslear refers to himself as “a Second Amendment guy, but I also know and respect guns, and if you’ve got young children in the house…any and all guns should be locked up and not accessible to kids, period.”

Clara Lawson, a junior at Noblesville High School who participated in a protest through social media Saturday morning and spent four hours carrying signs with friends outside the store, said: "I thought it was really inappropriate that the NRA booth would be there when they saw what had happened the day before but they still set up and they continued what they were doing right across the town from a tragedy.”

We have to ask ourselves: What kind of #CultureOfResponsibility do we have with guns, when a 7th-grader can get two handguns from his home and bring them to school to shoot up his classmates and teachers?