National School Walkout: 19th Anniversary of Columbine Massacre

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National School Walkout is a movement powered and led by students across the country. They’re protesting congressional, state, and local failures to take action to prevent gun violence.

America is the only country in the world where so many people are killed by guns, and yet our leaders do nothing about it. In many states it’s more difficult to register to vote than it is to buy a rifle. Apparently to some politicians, a vote is scarier than a gun.

These students are changing that. And, AGSA will be there with them.

"Every student who walks out of class alongside their peers, every teenager-turned-activist who works tirelessly to achieve something incredible, and every city that sees thousands of young Americans pour into the streets to demand that their government do better will be the difference that changes the gun laws in this country and saves lives."

- Max Cumming, Ridgefield High School, Class of 2018

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