# Iceland had no gun murders since 2007


"For us, it would be really strange if you could get a license to buy a gun and you had no idea how to handle it," said Olaf Garðarsson, 28, a mechanical engineer studying to get his license for a hunting rifle.

"But what's clear is how seriously all Icelanders take the responsibility that comes with owning a deadly weapon.

"That's why Garðarsson, the mechanical engineer and hopeful gun-owner, is currently sitting in a Reykjavik hotel conference room learning about the ins and outs of his weapon of choice.

"He came here with his girlfriend, Jóhanna Einarsdóttir, 26, a teacher who also wants a gun. There are about three dozen others in attendance, all listening intently to the seminar covering firearm history, physics, laws, hunting and safety.

"This is only one step in a meticulously regulated journey.

"Candidates are examined by a doctor who checks they are in good physical and mental health.

"They have a meeting with the chief of police, who asks them why they want to own a gun and runs a background check to make sure they have no criminal record.

"The final part is a day-long practice session at a shooting range outside the capital. Here, against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, they blast at bright-orange targets fired into the sky by a machine.

"'It feels like somebody cares that you're getting a gun and what you're going to do with the gun,' Garðarsson says at his apartment on the outskirts of Reykjavik. 'So you're not going to buy a gun to do stupid things.'"

This is one example of what a #CultureOfResponsibility might look like to #TreatGunsLikeCars #ForSafetySake.

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/iceland-gun-loving-country-no-shooting-murders-2007-n872726