A Model Code For 50 States

Treat Guns Like Cars 


The Problem:

We have no nationwide system to manage the rights and responsibilities of gun owners, and balance these rights with public safety needs.

Compare this with the unified systems we have in all 50 states for regulating ownership and operation of motor vehicles.

The Solution:

AGSA is committed to developing and adopting a "Model Code for Safe and Responsible Firearm Ownership and Operation."

This will give us unified systems of responsibility for gun ownership and use, like we have in all 50 states for cars and trucks.

The Roadmap:

We are rolling out this solution in three stages -

Stage 1: Outreach & Relationships -

  • Growing AGSA membership, supporter base, financial strength, and public visibility.

  • Building relationships with professional associations in all the relevant fields that will contribute to development of the Model Code.

  • Including law and legislation, public health, law enforcement, DMV administration, healthcare, education, firearms manufacturing and distribution, data technology, insurance, community organizing, public communications, and others.

Stage 2: Organizing & Development -

  • Establishing working groups among these professions.

  • Convening conferences and public hearings.

  • Developing and vetting the Model Code for presenting to legislatures for adoption.

Stage 3: Lobbying & Campaigning -

  • Mobilizing AGSA members and allies in a sustained public opinion and lobbying campaign.

  • Passage of appropriate versions of the Model Code in all 50 states, districts and territories.

  • Along with federal laws in support of this legislation.





We Can Make This Happen!

Treat Guns Like Cars 


Your AGSA membership support and participation are vital to making these important changes.

Join AGSA now! Make the Model Code the law of the land in our nation.

Or follow our progress, to help grow our strength.

You also can visit our frequently asked questions page, or contact us if you need more information.

Gun safety involves all three: freedom, responsibility, and power!