#TreatGunsLikeCars: Traceable, Regulated, Printable 3D Guns

"A gun is a gun is a gun" (with due apologies to Gertrude Stein).

Amidst all the fuss about printable 3D guns, the two arguments that stand out most are that they will not be traceable or regulated. So, pass common sense laws that make them traceable and regulated.

Whether a gun is made of metal in a factory or plastic and printed at home, we still have the ability to require every gun to have serial numbers and ballistics signature records on file with coordinated state law enforcement systems.

If a plastic 3D gun cannot satisfy these requirements, it would be a serious felony to possess one. The same as if you remove the serial number from a manufactured metal gun or tamper with its ballistics.

Once we pass laws for unified systems of responsibility for gun ownership and use -- like we have in all 50 states for cars and trucks -- these questions about types of guns become much easier to answer, with more common sense than hype.

The problem is not with the technology, the problem is with the law (or lack thereof). A gun is a gun is a gun.